How to setup macro z20 to open program?

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2021/11/25 13:07:14 (permalink)
This unleash software is pretty confusing to me but maybe I'm just an idiot. All I want to do is set the E1 macro to open a program (discord). Is that possible?

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    Re: How to setup macro z20 to open program? 2021/11/25 15:57:06 (permalink)
    elemnt360This unleash software is pretty confusing to me but maybe I'm just an idiot.

    Trust me, it's not you. Macro functionality was one of the primary reasons I bought the Z20, and it's absolutely the worst part of the Unleash software, apart from the utter lack of documentation for anything.
    elemnt360All I want to do is set the E1 macro to open a program (discord). Is that possible?

    Yes. You don't strictly need Unleash to do this, but here's how to bind the launch command to your E1 key.
    1. First, make sure there's a Discord app shortcut icon on your Windows desktop.
    2. Right-click on the shortcut icon and select Properties.
    3. Put your mouse cursor in the Shortcut key field and type in a keyboard shortcut. Then click Apply and OK.
      • This is basically a set of keystrokes that you hold down together to perform a specific function in Windows (like with Alt+Tab, etc). It doesn't matter what keystrokes you choose, except that this particular set of keystrokes cannot already be assigned to something else in Windows.
      • Example: I assigned CTRL+ALT+R as my keyboard shortcut for Discord.
    4. Test the shortcut to make sure that it works. Discord takes its sweet time in launching, even if it's already running, so be patient. If it doesn't launch, run through the above process again and try a different shortcut combination, then re-test until it works.
    5. You can stop here if that's all you think you'll need to launch Discord. But for the one-key open, continue on with these instructions to configure Unleash.
    6. Open Unleash and click the Macro Editor tab. You don't need to select a profile yet.
    7. In the Macro Library section at the top-left, click Add+.
    8. Double-click on the New Macro name to open the field for editing, erase it, enter a better name, and press <Enter>. Mine is Launch DISCORD, just for example.
    9. With your new macro highlighted/selected in the Macro Library section, click Record in the Actions area.
    10. Type your keyboard shortcut: Discord will launch after a few seconds.
    11. Close Discord, then click Stop to stop recording the macro.
    12. Everything you typed will be recorded. If you mess up in some way, just click on individual macro elements in the Actions area and click the trash can icon that appears, to delete them as needed. All you'll need in the actual macro will be similar to what's in the screenshot, below. If needed, delete all of the elements and simply re-record until it's as you want it.
    13. Once your macro looks good, click Apply to save your work.
    14. Select the profile you're going to assign your macro to. I chose profile #1 just as an example.
    15. Click the Key Assignment tab. (See the screenshot below to hopefully make this all more clear).
    16. Click the E1 button. You should see the keyboard key image in the Key Assignment tab change to E1.
    17. Click the dropdown arrow for Primary. Click the arrow next to Macro to expand the list, and click to select the name of your new macro (mine, of course, was Launch DISCORD). 
    18.  Click Apply to save your work.
      • This software is terrible, so it won't immediately display the name of the assigned macro next to the Primary menu like it should. To get the assignment listing, click on a different key like E5, then click back on E1. Launch DISCORD (or whatever you chose to name the macro) should appear.
    19. TEST: Minimize Unleash (do not close it) and press E1 on your keyboard. Discord should launch.

    NOTE: For reasons unknown, Unleash may randomly decide to go insane and drop your macro bindings. You won't need to re-record your macros, but you might need to rebind them.
    Hope all of this helps.
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    Re: How to setup macro z20 to open program? 2021/11/28 01:41:56 (permalink)
    The way to launch programs entirely from Unleash RGB is the somewhat misnamed "Weblink". Select Weblink as the function for the key then put the path to the program in the text bar. Don't use a shortcut unless its 32bit since this program for some unholy reason is 32bit so 64bit shortcuts will get improperly redirected.
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