How long after "Nvidia" GPU release do companies like Evga get thier releases?

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2022/06/10 19:14:11 (permalink)
obviously we cant predict the future, but from past launches; what is the average time once we see "nvidias model go live do other companies get their own models out,
 im asking because i ( clearly) would like to buy a evga one and im wondering how much longer after the launch of the  new line ( in this case 4000 series) it would be before  Evga's own modle becomes available.
also wondering since the 90 series generally launches first if companies like evga get to release the 80/70/60 series at the same time as Nvidia or is it a similar delay
 i would guess that the  time difference Evga's 80 would launch and nvias 80 launch would be smaller than the nvidas 90 launch to evga 90 launch.
 and im also wondering if it is generally longer for things like watercooled or hybrid to come out or if they generally launch at the same time as FTW

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    Re: How long after "Nvidia" GPU release do companies like Evga get thier releases? 2022/06/14 10:54:58 (permalink)
    when Nvidia NDAs end, usually same day Nvidia announces a new product
    EVGA will also announce what they have planned
    However, as was seen in this last 30 series - Announce VS Available can be totally different

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    Re: How long after "Nvidia" GPU release do companies like Evga get thier releases? 2022/06/14 11:27:47 (permalink)
    It's impossible to say what will happen in the future with unreleased products. Water and hybrid units normally come to market after the air-cooled units though. It's also impossible to know about the 90 series since the history has topped out at the 980Ti, 1080Ti and 2080Ti before the current generation. Normally NVIDIA and partners like EVGA release cards the same day with the 30XX series being different then the historical trend. As for the delay between NVIDIA launch of the Founders Edition and partners like EVGA having products released I think was two weeks for the 3080 with the 3090 only being one week because the Founders Edition 3090 came out a week later then the 3080 Founders Edition. I don't think that the delay was that long really and after NVIDIA website crashed on release I don't think they are going to try that again if I am honest.
    The one key thing to keep in mind is the video revealing the 3080 and 3090 was posted by NVIDIA September 1st 2020 and the 3080 Founders Edition went on sale September 17th 2020 with the 3090 a week later. Everything about how the launch was going to go live, and when partners would have the cards got told to us sixteen days in advance of the launch. So you should have plenty of time after they make an announcement. 

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    Re: How long after "Nvidia" GPU release do companies like Evga get thier releases? 2022/06/14 12:41:04 (permalink)
    Typically, IF NVidia is going to do a solo launch, like they did with some founders edition cards, it will be 3-7 days after NVidias Founders cards release that the AIB cards also release.

    NVidia doesn’t typically put a super long hold on the AIB launches though.

    I am pretty sure the 30 series all launched same day as founders cards, so I am not sure if NVidia will do another delayed launch.

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