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2024/06/21 21:35:36 (permalink)
Recently, I had to send in my z690 classified in for rma The board I had was in excellent shape, except for it randomly shutting off I would’ve kept my board otherwise.what was really bad was how I got the replacement board. The box was crushed and had a hole in it . I took out the board to inspect it, the four mounting holes where you mount the heatsink the top coding is coming off and you could see copper around the holes the nvme Heat sink, one of the thermal pads, has some hair on it, and somebody’s fingerprint and the standoffs We’re all missing to mount the drives and on the back of the board a couple of the USB Ports Are very loose There was even a rubber pad stuck on the back of the board by the CPU socket looked like something used to mount a heat sink was this replacement board even checked out to make sure everything worked on it or they did just grab one from a Pile and just send it to me it cost a lot of money to ship the defective board over $52 i am a disabled person with a limited income that’s a lot I would like to send this replacement board back to get another one that doesn’t have all these problems with it, but I would be afraid that I would get something worse They would have to send me a prepaid shipping label. I can’t afford to spend another $52 on shipping for board that should’ve been checked out thoroughly before sending it out to me. I guess they just don’t care anymore. At this point I would rather have them send me a new board that I so-called refurbished one.
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    Re: How evga rma 2024/06/22 00:32:25 (permalink)
    Please contact EVGA customer support

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