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2020/10/01 14:53:02 (permalink)
So now that I'm rocking a beastly 3090, I'm looking to upgrade my monitor. My current unit is a Samsung S34E790C 34" 3440x1440 ultrawide. It has served me well over the past 5+ years, however its showing its age in limitations such as a 60hz refresh rate, no G-Sync compatibility, no HDR, etc. As such, Im looking to upgrade. Being out of the loop for 5 years however, means that I'm playing a lot of catchup in terms of knowledge and research. This is where you, dear reader, hopefully will come in. Ill try to lay out all the pertinent information for you, so you can best guide me in this endeavor:
Primary uses:
  • Gaming
  • Media consumption (movies, YouTube, et al)  
  • Light work (spreadsheets, word processing, etc.)
  • Web browsing
  • at least 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio
  • at least 3440x1440 resolution 
  • at least 34"... however the gargantuan 49" panels are too large for my desk.  
  • at least 120hz refresh (preferably higher)
  • G-Sync or G-Sync Ultimate capable (preferably not "G-Sync compatible" unless there's a valid reason why this is a good option)
  • Preferably under $1600 USD
This will typically viewed in a darkened room, with occasional direct sunlight use. 
Now, these may not be the "only" criteria I'm looking for. For this I need further help. I see a lot of top end monitor reviews talk about DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, 8/10-bit panels, contrast ratios rated in "nits", local dimming, G2G response time, etc. These are all terms I'm either unfamiliar with or vaguely familiar with. As such, if you could take these aspects into further consideration it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I am unsure about HDR. I see that a lot of higher end monitors come with this feature but I am unsure as to how much I really want/need it, as I've never used an HDR monitor before. Could be something I never knew I needed or it could be something that doesn't matter all too much. To further complicate things, it seems like HDR comes with significant trade-offs. Either it impacts things like response/refresh rates, or the contrast is too low for the HDR to be noticeable, the monitor doesn't have "local dimming", or it adds a ton of cost and the like. I'm thoroughly confused on this one.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Help me find my new monitor! 2020/10/02 07:52:15 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby mistermister 2020/10/02 15:08:03
Have to tried fitting a 49" diagonally?/s

All jokes aside check out the reddit sub ultrawidemasterrace for some helpful info.
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Re: Help me find my new monitor! 2020/10/02 08:21:49 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby mistermister 2020/10/02 15:07:57
look thru these....
Forgot to mention my picks - LG , Dell, AOC, ASUS, , &  Pixio is starting to make a name for itself.
From my experience,  Samsung has been the worst in terms of quality, lasting parts  - followed by Viewsonic as 2nd worst.
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