HP Reveals 4K Reverb VR Headset

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2019/03/25 11:01:21 (permalink)
When the original Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets launched, a lot of people were disappointed by the screen resolution of 1080x1200 (per eye) that each of these products offered.  HP is answering the call for high-resolution VR with their $599 Reverb headset, which offers a screen resolution of 2160x2160 per eye at 90Hz, delivering an almost 4x increase in resolution over the original Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Better still, this headset offers a higher resolution than HTC's costly Vive Pro headset, despite the Reverb's lower pricing. 
Given its $599 pricing, it is hard to argue with the value that is offered here, especially when compared to the HTC Vive Pro in simple resolution/$ comparisons. Yes, Windows MR and inside-out tracking have their downsides, but the ease of use these headsets offers are a considerable upside when compared to generation 1 VR solutions. I am quite happy to see these types of improvements and I'm really shocked it has taken this long.

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    Re: HP Reveals 4K Reverb VR Headset 2019/03/25 20:47:56 (permalink)
    Right now this is probably the best option for VR. There are some design issues with it though. The inside-out tracking has problem and the lack of IPD adjustment are both problematic. Thing is, even the new Rift S doesn't have IPD adjustment anymore, which is humorous because Palmer Luckey gets eye strain from it because the IPD is not right for his head. Even the former Oculus founder is complaining about it.
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    Re: HP Reveals 4K Reverb VR Headset 2019/03/25 22:40:46 (permalink)
    I kind of wonder also about the ability for systems to keep up. Right now running the old headsets has became pretty simple but when you increase it 4X that will require a lot of power.

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    Re: HP Reveals 4K Reverb VR Headset 2019/03/26 06:06:13 (permalink)
    Man the term 4k really gets hucked at just about any resolution now.

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