HDPLEX Intros Passive NUC Kit for H1-series Fanless Cases

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2020/04/05 23:46:59 (permalink)
HDPLEX today introduced the Passive NUC Kit cooling system for H1-series fanless NUC cases by the company, such as the H1 V3 and H1.TODD. Designed for both NUC 7 and NUC 8, the Passive NUC Kit is an assembly that thermally connects the NUC's processor to the body of the H1 case, which doubles up as a heatsink. It consists of an aluminium base-plate, from which six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes emerge, with three each going to either directions of the base-plate, and making contact with the side body panels of the H1-series case. In combination with your H1-series case, the Passive NUC Kit can dissipate thermal loads of up to 65 W. The Passive NUC Kit supports both the 3-bolt mounting mechanism of the NUC 7 and 4-bolt mechanism of the NUC 8. Available now, it is priced at USD $58.50.
The HDPLEX NUC kit will support future NUCs by adding new I/O plates. This gives the user a bit of future proofing in my opinion. 

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    Re: HDPLEX Intros Passive NUC Kit for H1-series Fanless Cases 2020/04/06 11:05:29 (permalink)
    Interesting heatsink for fan less cooling improvements

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