Hot!Gtx 1080 ti ftw3 BIOS

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Re: Gtx 1080 ti ftw3 BIOS 2019/07/20 13:59:38 (permalink)
Sometimes you have to go outside the box to get your VBIOS. Official...no, necessary...yes.  This happens to be the case if your slave BIOS wont allow you to get your full 127% power draw and EVGA slaps you in the face and shifts blame to Nvidia. Which brings me to my next question...have they fixed that yet and should I have a newer version than for my slave.  If there is a newer one out there...will it allow me to get to the full 127% power before being throttled at 117%.  I have the ones you helped me out with Saijin and I would assume I'm probably supposed to stick with what I got or you probably would've mentioned it.  I'm about to just say screw it and grab the XOC BIOS and set the VF curve per your Tutorial Saijin and just run with it.

The vbios's listed in this thread are the latest ones, so no there aren't any newer ones.

There won't be any newer ones in the future since the product is discontinued by EVGA.

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Re: Gtx 1080 ti ftw3 BIOS 2019/07/20 15:24:36 (permalink)
Alight...just wondedring cause the VBIOS I keep seeing has XX.XX.XX.40.XX and XX.XX.XX.41.XX.  I've got the XX.XX.39.01.XX (Not on the Tech Power Up Website at all...but we know why.)  I have the one with the repaired Power Level on the Slave Bios.  Can anyone confirm they can hit 127% power level with the .40 and .41 VBIOS found on tech power ups website?  
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