Hot!Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia

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2022/09/29 23:31:42 (permalink)
Game streaming services, such as GeForce Now, Stadia and Amazon's Luna, haven't been the roaring success the companies behind them had hoped for. One of the pitfalls, that NVIDIA quickly found out, was that the game publishers weren't overly keen on gamers being able to play games they already owned on multiple systems, even if it wasn't on more than one system at once. Multiple services have already come and gone over the years and now it's time for Google to bid farewell to its Stadia service. In its blog post, Google didn't state the exact reasoning behind shutting down the service, beyond it not gaining the kind of traction the company had hoped for.

The good news here is that Google will be refunding all of its Stadia customers, regardless if it's someone that has bought hardware through the Google Store, or bought games or even add-on content for games through the Stadia Store. Google will be refunding all of its customers by the 18th of January 2023 and those using Stadia will continue to have access to all of their content until that date. Google expects its Stadia technology to be used for other services, or potentially be made available to third parties. As to the team behind Stadia, many will apparently carry on working for other departments at Google.
Sad news but there are lots of online gaming choices to still choose from. 

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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/09/30 00:20:28 (permalink)
    When will these companies start learning that cloud gaming is not ever to go fully take off until every country has a proper stable infrastructure in place for true high speed data? All they ever do is throw money down the drain investing in this stuff. Only reason Google is refunding is to stave off potential law suits. I honestly saw the writing on the wall the day Google shut down their game development division.

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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/09/30 01:31:29 (permalink)
    I think the biggest challenge would be data caps right now that a lot of internet service providers have and then people having a Wi-Fi 6 connection to make streaming a reality. On top of that the streaming would have to be to a device that would be unique in what it is doing to make streaming a game amazing. Like for example if Facebooks parant company Meta was to stream games to the Quest 2 that looked like Half Life Alyx level of graphics it would be amazing.

    Or maybe a device like the Steam Deck streaming games instead of local stores games would also makes sense in a way. Googles biggest problem was that they didn’t make it unique enough to justify what it was doing over other options available.

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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/09/30 04:33:34 (permalink)
    I didn't expect it to last....
    I would prefer no services like steam and just the game like it used to be....installer on a usb stick. Much cleaner.
    Can play when the internet is down (like many people in Florida are now experiencing...) providing power is up.
    this 'only online' crap needs to die.

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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/09/30 13:04:09 (permalink)
    Certainly doesn't bode well for GeForce Now and the concept that you don't need a GPU to game.  Maybe we will see this come to light in 5-10 years, but there are still issue they need to overcome.  I doubt publishers want to get locked into bad contracts with the likes of Amazon, Google, Nvidia, etc
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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/09/30 16:41:38 (permalink)
    guess Google could not profit enough from what ever they could mine from gamers
    without the bandwidth and low latency of fiber, it was never going to be an equal playing field for most

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    Re: Google Calls it Quits on Game Streaming, Shutting Down Stadia 2022/10/01 16:48:43 (permalink)
    they should have teamed up with any ISP that offered fiber. cake it into the bill.

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