Hot!GTX 460 Limited warranty problem

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2013/06/06 07:58:45 (permalink)
Its been about 2 years and my GTX 460 has went Kapuut. I recently called in to EVGA support and was told that my video card is not covered under an assumed lifetime warranty. It turns out that I had to register it within a 30day period after purchase to qualify for it. Problem was that when I purchased the card it was the only one left at the time and it was an open box buy / but packaged as a complete version of an unopened package. Well after calling in to EVGA I was told that there was some sort of instruction notification paper that indicated that the product needs to be registered within the 30days to have a lifetime warranty. Anyhow, Apparently mine did not come complete as I did not get that 30day registration requirement notice in my packaging, and now it turns out that I will have to suffer the consequence of no coverage?
This seems a bit unfair in my opinion. If EVGA expects that every customer that purchases there product with the above as a requirement and only making that clear by a piece of paper inside the box, then EVGA should not allow there product to be resold as an open box sale in a retail store like the one where I bought mine at. I bought mine at Frys Electronics, and as big as they are they sell a lot of EVGA products. Since they allow the retail store to repackage and resell the product especially with an item such as mine above that contained registration for warranty instructions ( being Limited time only to qualify) and resulting in my not getting anything in the box for those instructions I don't think its fair that EVGA holds me to that stipulation. As there is no way that I would be aware of that. The retailer in part has no special training to check for said instructions when receiving a returned product from a given customer if they decided to return the item thus if they do not bring back the instructions how is the next buyer supposed to be aware of this stipulation for warranty.
Its an unfair practice on EVGA, with that said I understand there side or reasoning for not covering anything with warranty but at the very least I would expect some consideration to my situation or circumstance especially when I had no knowledge of that practice and thus feel entitled to warranty entitlement and hope that someone from EVGA can understand my dilemma. As for my own opinion about EVGA, I LOVE EVGA PRODUCTS when it comes to PC components and continue to do so, but my situation puts a bitter taste in how I feel about there practices when it comes to customer relations and making there customer satisfied. In conclusion I would like to have my warranty honored so that I can get back to gaming.

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    Re:GTX 460 Limited warranty problem 2013/06/06 09:42:04 (permalink)
    Your post may be better served in the Warranty subsection of the forums.  Good Luck.

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    Re:GTX 460 Limited warranty problem 2013/06/06 12:58:44 (permalink)
    Well, they Do allow you to give the warranty to another under certain warranty, -AR isnt allowed that.

    As for not registering your product, most of today's hardware requires you to register that you buy separately. As you bought an Open Box Item, it should have been a good idea to look and see what was NOT coming with the card.

    EVGA may allow you to register it just this one time if you still have the invoice/receipt. If not, the likely hood of you getting service is pretty nil unless they're feeling generous.

    As they cant tell who had it, if its used/abused etc.
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    Re:GTX 460 Limited warranty problem 2013/06/10 09:17:49 (permalink)
    Dear Basalite,
    I am very sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your EVGA product. I can confirm that we are here to try and assist further, but first we would need to see a copy of your purchase receipt. If you can please email me a copy of your purchase receipt and then we can move forward from there. I will be awaiting your email. chrisb@evga.com  

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    Re:GTX 460 Limited warranty problem 2019/10/17 18:11:55 (permalink)
    Oh Wow i totally disregarded this post i made a long time back..  as it stands now.. I am enjoying my EVGA 1080ti which i also purchased the 10 year warranty that was offered to me after my original purchase , this time i registered it as well.. Hopefully all goes well with this card its been great for me so far... i think Im going to get another new card soon as well.. and of course it will be EVGA i buy it from again..  Thanks for the feedback everyone and your good intentions as well @EVGATech_ChrisB. As for any older cards that are not under warranty like my 460 from before any chance there is a repair shop out there in the world i might be able to get my old card repaired? Wouldn't mind having it fixed just so its a working card..  would be nice to have my 1st video card working for an old keepsake item. I know its a long shot. 
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