Hot!Folding on Linux Multi-GPU?

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Re: Folding on Linux Multi-GPU? 2020/08/03 19:14:40 (permalink)
From my experience, Ubuntu (and variants) work well under linux.
However, the ONLY ones where i was able to adjust fan curves, and overclocking profiles on all GPUs, was version 18.04 and 18.10 (or perhaps earlier versions too).
That means the latest supported version is 18.04.
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Re: Folding on Linux Multi-GPU? 2020/08/04 16:02:58 (permalink)
Any luck Bertie?

It's a start
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Re: Folding on Linux Multi-GPU? 2020/08/04 16:42:00 (permalink)
Can you copy the info from the System info window from Fahcontrol?
There can be some issues with multiple OpenCL libraries installed. In general I make sure the nvidia-xxx-compute package is installed (xxx equals driver family). Then for good measure I use Synaptic package manager to search for "OpenCL python" and install any python OpenCL binding packages it finds.

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Re: Folding on Linux Multi-GPU? 2020/08/08 04:05:44 (permalink)
Any luck Bertie?

Luck I think is the appropriate phrase STR1D3R_2
Had a busy old week at work so I've only just got round to giving this another crack.
The pc wasn't off during the week but I might have restarted it once, maybe.
Anyway, got fully armed with terminal commands etc etc, fire up the client.
Missed a set of projects downloading as previously, but then starts to actually download one!!!!!!
Fails - faulty work unit.
Immediately it downloaded three new 0x22 projects, now happily churning away.
I'm guessing the config file was slow to update? or just needed the final restart to make it feel loved ... I dunno. Really. I see no reason for it running since the last time I tried and if didn't run.
So three Titan X (pascal) gpus are earning approx 1.5million ppd on Linux MORE than what they were doing on W10. Approx 6million ppd in total for that machine.
Well work the effort!
Thanks for all your support and suggestions.
It's a win for team EVGA

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Re: Folding on Linux Multi-GPU? 2020/08/15 00:43:21 (permalink)
Definitely worth it, nicely done. Thanks to all that helped get our guys folding. 
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