Flow control + CLC 280 + MSI Z690-A Pro "CPUWB - Device Not Found" Error

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2022/01/25 12:25:48 (permalink)
Cooler is working fine, flow control software isn't. When I launch the flow control software normally, it works fine - but for some reason requires me to open the program *twice* for it to actually open. No big deal.
However, if I change the settings to have it run on startup, I get a "CPUWB - Device Not Found" error popup. I searched for this error and others are saying to uninstall some device in device manager, then reinstall flow control software - however I only see an "Asetek" device and not the one listed in the other thread.

Has anyone solved this? Thanks


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    Re: Flow control + CLC 280 + MSI Z690-A Pro "CPUWB - Device Not Found" Error 2022/01/25 18:49:34 (permalink)
    The solutions you've found are likely referring to the older versions of Flow Control (pre 2.0.12).  The latest v.2.0.12 uses the updated Asetek driver instead.  Uninstall/reinstall is always a good step to try.
    It's possible that the Flow Control software is launching before the driver has been loaded by your system - you could try adding a delay for the task in Task Scheduler under the Triggers tab/options.  However, I wasn't able to edit the task created by Flow Control on my system - I had to disable the "Start with OS" option in Flow Control to delete the task and then create the task myself.
    I would also suggest checking your Advanced Power options and making sure the USB settings>USB selective suspend setting is set to disabled for the Power plan(s) you use.
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