First Time Builder - Question Regarding Step-Up

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2020/11/25 08:38:17 (permalink)
As you have read from the title, I am a first time builder with a computer containing all parts except a graphics card (I am also not running an APU.)  I was looking at buying a 1660 ti on Newegg and have a few questions regarding the Step-Up program.
1. Once I register my product and sign up for the Step Up, will I be able to get a 3080 in the near future, but still be able to keep my card until notified due to stock shortages?
2. Is the 90 days only for registering the product for the Step-Up program, and the actual notification of getting into the 2nd step can be past that timeframe?
3. Is Newegg or Amazon a valid reseller?
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    Re: First Time Builder - Question Regarding Step-Up 2020/11/25 09:06:12 (permalink)
    1: you keep using your card until you are notified of step2-4, where you ship your card out at step 4.

    2: once you start the step up, you wait until your number is called, no matter how long it ends up taking. Just do not cancel the step up if you are outside of the 90 day window. You will have to register the card within 14 days of purchase to enable the “free” version of step up, or after 14 days you will need to purchase an extended warranty to unlock the step up.

    3: yes, BUT make sure you are purchasing from Newegg or Amazon.. it has got to say Sold AND Shipped by new egg or Amazon. If it says sold by anyone but Amazon or Newegg, it is a third party reseller and NOT authorized.

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