Faulty 2070?

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2018/12/05 01:20:44 (permalink)
Recently bought the RTX 2070 and it is causing a lot of problems.
Installed the card onto an MSI Z370 gaming plus and its throwing up an led on the slot the card is in which means there is no card detected. 
None of the lighting on the side of the card is on.
I'm currently using the 2070s outputs and its working fine (?)
If anyone knows whats going on before i end up sending the card back and sticking with my old one that'd be wonderful, cheers

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    Re: Faulty 2070? 2018/12/05 10:20:12 (permalink)
    Did you connect the Power Cables to the Graphics Card?
    What is the Make and Model and also Age of your Power Supply?

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    Re: Faulty 2070? 2018/12/05 12:49:25 (permalink)
    Are you saying the card is working even though the motherboard pci-e slot led is on, and the gpu lights are off?

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