Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Free During Epic MEGA Sale Week Two

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2023/05/26 03:31:52 (permalink)
The Vault is open again, and inside we have … more vaults! Our free game this week is Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, which is famously full of vaults. You can grab the classic post-apocalyptic RPG from 11 AM May 25, 2023 to 11 AM, June 1.

For this week's giveaway, we have one free month of Discord Nitro, letting you access the awesome app's subscription-only features for a limited time.
Here are the Epic MEGA Sale week two highlights.

Free Game Week Two
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

Surprise! Fallout: New Vegas is now on the Epic Games Store, and the Ultimate Edition is free for a limited time.

New Vegas begins with you, the Courier, getting robbed and taking a bullet to the head before being buried in a shallow grave. It only gets more twisted from there. Tracking the gang that left you for dead across the desert, playing multiple sides off each other while you decide who should prevail, New Vegas is Fallout's take on a classic cowboy movie. But that's only the start.

With a vast swathe of the Mojave Desert to explore before you even set foot in the titular city, you can wander the irradiated scrub, finding stories and changing lives. But be wary in how you deal with people (or Ghouls): Your choices will affect your reputation across eight factions and multiple settlements. It's impossible to please everyone, and there are lasting consequences to your actions.

Here's a taste of one. In the town of Novac, Boone, a former military sharpshooter, has lost his wife to a kidnapper. He asks the player to find out who did it and to lead them to a specific area, where Boone will snipe them. There's only one correct solution, but it's possible to get it wrong, accidentally or otherwise, and lead an innocent resident to their death. This decision will change the course of the game for the player and the town's residents. You could gain or lose a potential companion, and you might even have condemned the entire town to a grisly fate.

But it's just one of many. And that's what New Vegas does best. You can return years later, start anew, taking different risks and churning up the desert like a sandstorm. When the dust settles, just hope you're the one still standing.
It's a free game so get it now!

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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Free During Epic MEGA Sale Week Two 2023/05/26 04:22:52 (permalink)
    Got it...Thanks!

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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Free During Epic MEGA Sale Week Two 2023/05/26 04:42:35 (permalink)
    It's an older game but one of the best in the series.

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