Failing argb fan on a 3080ti FTW Hybrid CLC

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2022/06/12 21:55:20 (permalink)
I am wondering if EVGA will cover a failing radiator argb fan (it makes noise while running) while still under the 1 year warranty, and if not, where to find a comparable fan with the same argb halo (without center light) looks? 
Anyone have any experiences getting just a fan on the radiator replaced?
Thanks for the input!

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    Re: Failing argb fan on a 3080ti FTW Hybrid CLC 2022/06/13 15:18:56 (permalink)
    Mine is making the noise and I have only had it for 3 weeks... I am currently waiting to hear from service.  We had been corresponding last friday but over the weekend it got worse and now its sitting back in it's box.  I haven't heard from EVGA yet but I am sure they have a backlog on Mondays. 
    I had a backup 3070 so I have that in another rig and stole the ftw3 3070ti for my rig.
    I didn't realize  needed a # for the RMA, I had talked to them for 3 days and would've asked for one :/
    Sadly I have heard this noise on a few videos since it happened to me and if it happens again I won't be trying for a third time. I will just deal with the heat and maybe try something else. 
    I am fairly sure mine is the pump and not the fan though, I removed the AIO, turned it horizontal (Was vertical mount) trying to work out any bubbles (Not bubbles) and then took out the radiator to try the same.
    I have a stethoscope and used it to be sure it wasn't the fan, it is not, sadly.
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