FTW3 hybrid kit fan assessment?

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2021/07/13 13:14:57 (permalink)
So I just ordered the 3967 and the FTW3 hybrid kit and I couldn't find any specific information about it while searching, so I was wondering if anybody could help me out.
1. in general, how good are the fans on the FTW3 hybrid kit from an air-flow/pressure perspective?
2. Can anybody tell me the actual specifications are? i.e. max. speed, CFM, pressure. All the specs page says is "     " and the spec-sheet says that they're 120mm and have ARGB...so...there's that. I did check the hybrid models as well and there's nothing there either. Also, are they 4-pin PWM fans or 3-pin voltage-controlled?
3. the pictures hide the connectors pretty good. Does anybody happen to have a picture of how the fans connect or can tell me if it would be easy to disconnect them and mount them to the other side of the radiator (with the case's enclosure wall mounting point in between the fan and rad)?
Basically, I'm trying to assess whether it would be better to buy aftermarket fans or keep these. I don't really want jet-engines, but I have limited room, can't do push/pull where I'm going to mount the rad, and it also has to be an intake...that feeds my OC'd 11900k. So it needs to move good air regardless of my decibel preferences. 
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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