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2020/08/13 21:19:29 (permalink)
Has anyone bought PC parts From the FB Classifieds?
I have seen some unbelievable prices on there.
It seems the prices are consistently lower than Ebay.
For my personally, I think its too big a risk to buy used parts from ppl that you will never meet and be able to leave a review or read a review.

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    Re: FB Classifieds PC Parts 2020/08/13 21:30:17 (permalink)
    I wouldn't buy used parts myself, new components are just too much fun. 

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    Re: FB Classifieds PC Parts 2020/08/13 22:47:46 (permalink)
    Depends on the used parts your buying i suppose, but FB i def wouldnt touch. I wont buy used mobo/cpu/gpu cause they are too expensive and there warrantys are worth it to have on those. Also, those are the things that noobs tend to overvolt and hurt them or they get water/LN2ed benched and they take a bunch of abuse quickly and people off load them.Unless its a guy here ive known for awhile and they disclose the hurtin they put on them and they are really reasonably priced i might consider it cause i know how most of the guys who frequent here use there parts etc...

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    Re: FB Classifieds PC Parts 2020/08/14 04:55:30 (permalink)
    I probably would if I wasn't principally object to using facebook in the first place.
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