Evga x58sli le motherboard

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2020/06/29 15:50:34 (permalink)
so i have a evga x58sli le motherboard and just brought myself a ml240p mirage water cooling. Now I can't locate the CPU_OPT and I dont know where will I plug this wire from my cooling. Any help or suggestions?

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    Re: Evga x58sli le motherboard 2020/06/29 17:15:39 (permalink)
    Just use any other header available.

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    Re: Evga x58sli le motherboard 2020/06/29 19:07:47 (permalink)
    There are only 6 fan connectors on the X58 micro board. A 4-pin fan will fit on two of the 3-pin headers
    Each header on an eVGA X58-based motherboard is cappable of providng a max of 1 amp per header on the board
    https://www.evga.com/support/manuals/files/132-bl-e758.pdf fan headers aer numbered 4 in figure one

    there is a section: fan connections on the motherboard. The fan speed can be detected and viewed in the PC Health Status section of the CMOS Setup. The fans are automatically turned off after the system enters S3, S4 and S5 mode.
    The CPU fan is #23 next to the CPu Power plug. next to the Heat sink and back panel.
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    Re: Evga x58sli le motherboard 2020/06/29 23:41:10 (permalink)
    Cooler Master ML240P Mirage All-In-One Review - Installation
    "You have the option to connect the pump power cable either directly to a motherboard CPU_OPT fan header or via the splitter cable to the fan controller module."
    There is no CPU_OPT fan header on that mobo.
    You need to connect the pump power cable to the 4pin CPU_FAN header at the top-left of the mobo..Then enter BIOS -> PC Health Status -> SmartFan Function -> CPU Fan Speed Control and change it from SmartFan to Manual..Then set the speed to 100%..Then Save and Exit BIOS.

    It's important to set the fan header to 100% so that the pump receives full power.

    If you don't connect the pump power cable to the CPU_FAN header, you may get an error message during POST telling you that no CPU fan speed is detected and it will halt right there and not boot up.
    After that, install the software that came with the AIO or download the latest from Cooler Master at the bottom of this page.
    That's all.

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    Re: Evga x58sli le motherboard 2020/06/30 06:46:06 (permalink)
    You can just plug it in to any available fan header on the motherboard. Will work just fine but make sure you set the CPU Fan speed control to smartfan to Manual and then set it to 100 percent like Bob has mentioned.

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