AnsweredEvga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing

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2021/11/27 06:50:09 (permalink)
Alright, so. I have this Evga 3080 Ti Ftw3 Ultra that has been having mega problems with crashing with pretty much every game I try to play, at first I thought it was my PSU, so I went ahead and replaced the old 750w I had with this new monster Corsair Rm1000x 80Gold Plus 1000w PSU. Still had those same crashes. Even got to the point where the GPU turned itself off and wouldn't come back on for nearly 48 hours. I got it to boot again, but haven't trying gaming on it in almost a month, just in case it decides that it's had enough and bricks itself entirely. I'm currently saving up to RMA this thing, but the collateral is absolutely staggering and will take some time to come up with. I've tried nearly everything to get this thing stable enough just play Destiny 2/Monster Hunter World/ Halo: Infinite on. 
This is what I've tried so far:
-Power Limiting the GPU with MSIAFterBurner as low as 75%
-Lowering Voltage to 0.925 (worked for 2 days then crapped the bed)
-Fresh Install of windows to a newer faster M.2 SSD (did nothing)
-Fresh install of the drivers (for example, removing the drivers entirely, downloading the latest version and doing a clean, fresh  install of those drivers also did nothing)
If I could get it stable to game until I can get it RMA'd that would be wonderful. So, any new suggestions would be appreciated greatly.
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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/27 07:04:29 (permalink)
you using seprate power cables to the card not the pig tale that comes off 1 power cable?
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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/27 08:36:51 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby FadingSkies 2021/11/28 01:43:00
what kind of crash are you getting ? reboots or CTD or BSOD does the GPU go dark black screen, and the computer keeps running
have you opened up MSI AB and GPUz and just ran a stress test like Kombustor and look to see how the card is preforming under load, 

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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/27 08:49:19 (permalink)
Posting your full system specs might also be helpful. 

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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/29 22:07:18 (permalink)
Mine was the gpu sagging making the gpu have bad contact with the pcie slot
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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/30 05:25:01 (permalink)
Does the screen artifact at all at the desktop?
I had the same issue with my 3080 FTW Ultra......did all the trouble shooting you did....my pc checks out rock solid.
I use a support, so my card doesnt sag.
Even put the gpu in another pc, same issues.....time to RMA that deal.
There seem to be a rather high failure rate with these gpus......I am hoping my RMA doesnt break......🤞🤞🤞

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Re: Evga 3080 Ti FTw3 Ultra Crashing 2021/11/30 06:31:17 (permalink)
I had sudden crashes which I thought that it was tied to the GPU, but ended up being CPU/ram oc settings. I suggest going into the bios and reset any OC settings back to the default if you have changed anything.
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