Epic Games Launches The Epic MEGA Sale 2023

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2023/05/19 01:15:13 (permalink)
It's time! The Vault is open, and the Epic MEGA Sale 2023 starts…. Now! There are more opportunities to save than ever in one of the biggest sales we've ever had. We have enormous discounts of up to 75% off select titles. The Epic Coupon returns, with additional savings of 25% on eligible games. And we just launched a brand new Epic Rewards program that lets you earn 5% of your purchase back to spend on your next eligible Epic Game Store transaction.

There's more! Over the next four weeks, four free games and four giveaways will be up for grabs during the sale. Check in every Thursday, between May 18, 2023 (11 AM ET) to June 15, 2023 (11 AM ET), to see what's new. If you're reading this, the sale has already begun. It's live from May 18, 2023 (11 AM ET) to June 15, 2023 (11 AM ET). Go, go, go!
Free Game Week One
Death Stranding

How does the Epic Coupon work?
All you need to do is buy eligible games, and an Epic Coupon will be automatically applied, giving you a 25% discount at checkout. The coupon can be used on single purchases or on purchases with multiple games that sum up to $14.99 or more after any sale discounts (FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition, and EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Deluxe Edition excluded). For every completed eligible purchase, you'll automatically be granted another coupon!

You can use the coupon to receive a discount on top AAA titles such as The Last of Us Part I, Hogwarts Legacy, and the recently released Redfall. Any eligible title launching during the coupon window can also receive the discount. Check the store's Coming Soon section to see what's on the horizon. Wishlisting games means you'll be notified when the games go live on the store.

All unredeemed Coupons received during the Epic MEGA Sale expire on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 11 AM Eastern Time. Read the Coupon FAQ for full details, including local equivalent pricing.

Earn 5% back as you spend with Epic Rewards
Epic Rewards are live! For every eligible purchase on the Epic Games Store, you'll receive 5% back of the total spent as credit to use in the store. Buy any participating games, apps, add-ons, or virtual currency on the Epic Games Store, and 5% of your spending will be granted to your rewards balance after the 14-day refund window. There's no minimum spend, and you'll have 25 months to redeem Epic Rewards. Plenty of time to plan a spending spree!

We have a full FAQ detailing Epic Rewards, so if you haven't read that, it'll have all the answers you need.

What's in the Vault?
Well… wait, you nearly got us to say. Cheeky! All we'll say is that a free game will be revealed each week of the sale. You can find out what they are at 11 AM ET each Thursday of the sale's duration. The reveal is accompanied by a highlights blog (live now!) that goes into detail on each game, as well as rounding up all the other giveaways of that week. Including...

What PC Games are on sale?
There are scores of games to choose from, so here are some highlights from the sale.

Saints Row - 55% off
The Saints Row reboot lets you build a criminal enterprise while bonding with your besties. It's a surprisingly wholesome game for a crime sandbox. You start off just needing to pay the rent, before getting drawn into Santo Ileso's underground. The nine districts are full of missions, side quests, and rival gangs to battle. And, being Saints Row, you can do all that while wing-suiting and using spring-loaded boxing gloves.

Crime Boss: Rockay City - 20% off
Crime Boss: Rockay City is a heady mix of FPS and strategy, where your gang vies to take control of Rockay City. The shooter bolts Payday's heists-full of planning, alarms, and gun battles-to a citywide battle for territory. Every campaign is pieced together by the game's AI from a group of modules, giving the story a fresh new twist each time you play. And bringing that story to life is a cast that includes Michael Madsen, Danny Glover, Kim Basinger, and Chuck Norris.

FIFA 23 Standard Edition - 70% off
The beautiful game rendered … well, beautifully. FIFA 23's the soccer standard-bearer, with over 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, and 30 leagues, all pitch perfect. That includes two women's leagues for the first time. It's a game that suits any sort of player. From people looking for a quick kick about to those fretting over individual stats and tactical set-ups, there's really no substitute, aside from those on the bench.

Far Cry 6 Standard Edition - 75% off
Far Cry 6 is a tropical sandbox where you peel the skin from a banana republic. It's a huge game of guerilla warfare, where you'll be fighting as a revolutionary against a dictator as cruel as he is charismatic (and is played by Giancarlo Esposito). The FPS lets you tumble through the jungle, picking up the story or making your own fun with the ad-hoc weapons and tactics of the locals. There's a gun that fires Macarena CDs and a friendly alligator you can call to help you in battle.

Enjoy the Epic MEGA Sale 2023's discounts, free games, and more.
Looks like a very good sale. 

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    Re: Epic Games Launches The Epic MEGA Sale 2023 2023/05/19 02:52:46 (permalink)
    The 25% off of sale prices $14.99 and up is a really good deal I feel but it's worth taking a look at Steam to make sure the game isn't already on sale over there. I personally have bought a number of games off of Epic since the free weekly games have often been worth checking out.

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