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2018/01/09 08:01:51 (permalink)
hi gang!, getting ready to order the evga Z270 FTW
question is which evga mem DDR4 will run in this board?
thanks for the support. or should i say wich would be great for gaming!
along with the EVGA 1060ssc 6gb
kaby lake 7700k 
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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/09 08:53:43 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby dogofwar 2018/01/09 10:03:27
Compatible memory for the z270 ftw can be found here. I'd choose 2400 MHz ram for stability.

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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/09 14:53:31 (permalink)
On the note of memory speed, your CPU (i7-7700k) does scale well with memory speed in CPU limited games. I'd recommend avoiding the typical budget recommendation of 2133/2400, because you have/are getting a Z-series motherboard and an unlocked higher-end CPU. Stability won't be an issue for faster RAM unless you try to run it beyond what it's specced for.
Take a look at 2666/3000/3200 RAM prices and get the best bang for your buck. Yes, you can get more performance with even faster RAM, but after those 3 levels, price to performance goes out of whack. Only go above DDR4-3200 if price isn't a concern for you.
CAS Latency is also a concern, and lower is better. DDR4-3000 CL 15 performs virtually identically to DDR4-3200 CL 16, for example. So if you see those two options, go with the lower costing choice.
EVGA doesn't have a lot of memory options in-house, and what they do have is available only at limited locations. I can't buy it. Even if I could, as much as I love EVGA, there are better, more comprehensive memory options out there. Anyway, here's a couple of videos detailing the memory performance on your i7-7700k.
The above video is short, and he pops up charts showing performance with each memory type at 1:07 and onward.
Above, the always comprehensive Digital Foundry reviews the 7700k, showing memory scaling beginning at 4:40. It even goes to show that a stock 7700k + 3000mhz DDR 4 runs faster than a 4.8ghz 7700k + 2133mhz RAM.
TLDR: Don't gimp a 7700k with slower RAM. Faster RAM has a bigger impact on the 7700k than simply overclocking alone. DDR4-2666 should be the minimum you get for a 7700k as it offers the best performance/price ratio, with anything higher being subject to diminishing returns. DDR4-3000/3200 should be considered as well, because of their general close proximity to 2666 in terms of cost, while offering slightly more performance still.
And when possible, please stick with the QVL (qualified vendor list) for your motherboard in terms of memory support. Sajin helpfully linked it above. A note about QVL - A motherboard will work with memory not on this list, but this list is what EVGA employees have personally tested. If it's not on the list, it will likely work. If it is on the list, it will definitely work.
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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/09 15:11:02 (permalink)
corsair 3000mhz vengeance LED works great with my board

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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/09 20:49:09 (permalink)
Corsair dominator in mine. 3000mhz using XMP. Z270 classified K with 7700k. Running that profile for a year now and has been fantastic. No issues.
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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/13 10:40:21 (permalink)
I am running the Trident Z 3200/14 XMP1 with good results.
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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/13 16:13:27 (permalink)
I am running ballistix ddr4
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Re: EVGA Z270 MEMORY 2018/01/27 06:59:50 (permalink)
I bought my Corsair CMU16GX4M2C3200C16R a month or so ago when I was planning on buying the z270 classified board but it has since gone up some 70 bucks. Looking at the Z270 FTW board now, but this memory isnt listed in the compatible list linked to above. For that matter the memory isnt listed in the classified list either, but was told by a user on here that he is running the memory I bought in his classified and it runs fine. Will it work ok in the FTW board too?  If I can save 70 bucks I think I should as I'm not really into heavy overclocking that much.

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