EVGA XR1 and HDR Pass Through

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2020/09/26 15:08:30 (permalink)
The EVGA XR1 supports HDR pass through (not capture) while in APT mode only. We understand there may have been some confusion on this feature so we are updating the product pages to better clarify this. To enable HDR mode you first need to set the EVGA XR1 to APT mode. If there are any questions on this please feel free to contact us directly.
To enable APT mode, press and hold the control dial for 3 seconds until the LED's turn white:


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    Re: EVGA XR1 and HDR Pass Through 2021/02/08 17:08:01 (permalink)
    im trying to caputre my ps4 on my pc in obs, but i add it as a video capture device and the image of it just disappears.
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    Re: EVGA XR1 and HDR Pass Through 2021/02/14 14:13:45 (permalink)
    Hey-o, If you're using the passthrough option for higher refresh rates it cuts off the OBS preview window, PS4 only supports up to 60FPS if im not mistaken, so there isn't a need to use the passthrough option unless you're using a high refresh rate camera or a gaming pc. However if you're having trouble capturing the ps4 in general without even enabling the passthrough options, you may want to consider reaching out to our support team for in depth troubleshooting if that's the case. 
    You can usually contact our phone support 5 days a week from 9AM to 6PM PST @ 1 (714) 528-4500 or you can always reach out via our support email @ Support@EVGA.COM to get support 7 days a week.

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    Re: EVGA XR1 and HDR Pass Through 2021/03/09 12:05:43 (permalink)
    I have it with my Xbox Series X and HDR does not work without passthrough mode on as when it is turned on the sounds cuts out is there any particular reason for that 
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    Re: EVGA XR1 and HDR Pass Through 2021/06/04 08:58:47 (permalink)
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