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2022/09/26 03:16:18 (permalink)
I recently bought a EVGA X15, which I intended to use for World of Warcraft classic (Wotlk). Unfortunately, there is some weird behaviour.
When using the mouse, sometimes the buttons of the mouse and my keyboard (ROG Claymore) start acting crazy. For example: 
- Pressing ESC opens the Windows search bar. 
- When pressing other buttons they act like I would still be pressing ctrl. So for example: pressing button 4 acts like I would be pressing button 4 and ctrl at the same time. 
I can "fix" the issue temporarly by quickly pressing ctrl on the keyboard. But this behaviour is extremly frustrating (makes the mouse unusable)
when your in a PVP-Fight and your activating the wrong ability. 
Anyone having similar issues or knows why this keeps happening?
I have read posts on other forums, from users with a similar problem. But they could sometimes fix the problem by installing a dedicated firmware (ghub) or they were on a mac. 
Resetting the mouse to factory settings with the Unleash software didnt fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Best Regards
My system: 
Mouse: EVGA x15
Keyboard: ROG Clamore
Windows 10 on a gaming Desktop PC

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    EVGA Tech Support
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    Re: EVGA X15 acts like ctrl would be pressed 2022/10/07 16:58:12 (permalink)
    This could potentially be a software conflict between your keyboard and the mouse software. Try closing both programs to see if the issue persists. If you have access to another PC, I would recommend trying both devices on it, to see if the issue is reproduced.
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    Re: EVGA X15 acts like ctrl would be pressed 2022/10/21 02:55:35 (permalink)
    Noticed the exact behaviour on my mouse too (X15)
    It does not seem to be a software conflict and it seems to be related to fumbling with the E-Shift button during play (like inadvertently pressing the E-shift along with other buttons from keyboard and/or mouse) and it sometimes may lead to an apparent stuck CTRL Key.
    Happened twice to me in like 4 or 5 days.
    It can be really frustrating when it happens in a game mid-action.
    My system:
    EVGA X15 mouse
    Asus G733QS gaming laptop
    Windows 10 21H1
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