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2021/10/14 14:03:05 (permalink)
New update to fix a few bugs/issues.

  • Fixes Unleash RGB closing at launch bug.
  • Fixes Z15 Secondary FN bug.
  • Fixes Unleashed .NET issue.
As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues or problems.  Feedback is appreciated, including places where we can improve, but please create a separate thread for those.

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    Re: EVGA UNLEASH RGB v1.0.11.0 (X20/X17/15 drivers) 2021/10/19 07:20:18 (permalink)
    On the X17. While it's open I changed profiles with a button on the mouse. When I changed back to that profile, it wiped all the macros that were assigned. When I loaded them again, one of them had been changed. No idea how but it got changed from ctrl+c to ctrl+v.
    When I saw that the key mappings showed blanks where the macros had been, I quickly closed the program because I know it doesn't save unless you press apply. It somehow saved the changes anyway.
    So, as best I can determine there are at least three issues going on in this situation:
    1. Inability to load macros from the mouse.
    2. Saving on macro load error.
    3. Incorrect parsing of saved macro from on the computer. (Not an exported macro, one of the ones listed under the macro tab.)
    I have not tested, but I expect that now that I have reloaded all the macros with the new version, I won't see these issues again.
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    Re: EVGA UNLEASH RGB v1.0.11.0 (X20/X17/15 drivers) 2021/11/09 14:02:38 (permalink)
    Does not work properly on Windows 11. With X20 mouse major issues. Can read settings about every other time you open the program. Unable to change settings over wireless. Only reads battery upon first starting windows with program set to start with windows. After that mouse works but program says mouse at 0% battery and greyed out connection. Program is pretty useless right now. Also mouse wheel does not change colors while charging. Battering charging says scroll wheel should be green while charging but stays whatever color you set it to in the app even after resetting mouse and app to defaults. The only time the scroll wheel turns green is immediately when unplugged, goes green for about a second.. And even though it is charging windows does even let you know when it's plugged in and no way to tell battery percentage through app or windows when charging.
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    Re: EVGA UNLEASH RGB v1.0.11.0 (X20/X17/15 drivers) 2021/11/17 08:53:55 (permalink)
    I'm having the same issue as the above post.

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