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2020/09/25 15:31:10 (permalink)
so EVGA at this point i am really upset with your all's products. with in 24 hours of owning this card it has done gave up under med to heavy load playing overwatch,death stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn. i have been beyond a loyal customer and computer tech. i have always recommended your products to all my customers and own quite a few my self as my products page shows. but really 24 hours and your card dies. i question if you all are even worth buying at this point since i have had 2 $550 cards die in less then 4 months i am very VERY disappointed. so now i have to send in the card that was sent to replace my first one that had died and that's another $30 to mail it to you so $60 in total on top of the $550 i paid for card and my main pc gets to be down again for a week or two. at this point i question if i should ever buy EVGA products or recommend them to any of my customers as it seems quality control and or components are not quite up to good quality so i write this again to say thx now i need to RMA this card that has less then 24 hours of time in my system to be replaced again. i know its the card as i have tried in 2 other computers and it does the same thing i know its not my hardware as it has been tested to make sure it was not causing problem so at this point EVGA you should really question your product.
p.s this is a copy paste of the ticket i sent in on the 21st of this month with no response yet.

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