EVGA P67 FTW - Ivy Bridge Issue/BIOS

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2022/06/24 05:54:45 (permalink)
I have an EVGA P67 FTW Motherboard (old, I know). Is there a BIOS version/download I can use so that my i7-3770 works with the motherboard? As of right now, it just powers for a split second then turns off. My motherboard is on version 1.18. I have an i7-2770 that boots so I tried to the R22 BIOS version, maybe the link or download I had was bad, but it doesn't do anything besides shutdown my computer. I also noticed that if I have EIST or Turbo enabled, my computer bluescreens with a whea uncorrectable error. If I disable those, it doesn't seem to occur. Is this standard behavior for this motherboard? I would really appreciate the assistance!
Thank you
Edit: I can't post the link I followed because of the spam filters, but it's the How can I flash my X79 / Z77 / P67 / Z75 BIOS in Windows? FAQ.
I'm using Windows 10 Pro (64-bit).
Edit #2: The only way I found to resolve the BIOS flashing issue is to not use Windows when flashing. I flashed a USB with DOS and the DOS command to flash it. Now, I'm just testing the stability.
Issue resolved :) 

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    Re: EVGA P67 FTW - Ivy Bridge Issue/BIOS 2022/07/04 02:03:24 (permalink)
    Good troubleshooting on your part to get this resolved. 

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