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Re: EVGA Game Servers - Update 2019/11/09 02:59:37 (permalink)
Led Weappelin
The last time I read news this sad it was after the last U.S. Presidential election.
I have played on the BF4 servers ever weekend it seems like forever. Around 2009 I guess. Gumby, G0MER, Knightviper, I've missed you guys for a long time recently (and others) because we've not had a gaming event in a long time. Now I'm heartbroken to realize it's all gone. I am so dumbstruck over this decision but it is what it is. Maybe we can get together on another sever. God we have had some great cursing & drinking nights and long drawn-out battles texting, chatting and charging the front line.
I'd also like to extend my gratitude to the server moderators that banned me and gave another chance over and over again. I couldn't help it that I passed out sometimes or went out on the back porch for a puff of happy smoke and forgot what I was doing. Really enjoyed out messages and conversations, especially you BizSAR.To you and all the other moderators, thanks for all the good times and all the bad times. It was a hell of a ride while it lasted.
Led out.

Yep sure were some fun nights! gonna miss this for sure.

Only thing that I dont miss is Gumby88 and Led Weappelin and the others knifing me in BF4 had many a good night trying to get back my tags

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Re: EVGA Game Servers - Update 2019/11/09 03:42:57 (permalink)

I loved W:ET back in the day. I was a gaming administrator on a low gravity, fast recharge Shrub server a while back. We'd bind and spam !lol and !fling either on ourselves or others and sometimes set the gravity to high and fall to our deaths by stepping down half a foot, lmao.

Then, I played on Whosgaming's 64 player ETPub server until they threw in the towel. Both were a blast and the game had high replay value.

I too suggest these older games for game servers to set up. I'd play even though I work six days a week, lol.

Let's bring back the fun in these older but addictive games with their dedicated servers.

W:ET (free game)
Quake 2 or 3
and then some...

People would be better off just creating a discord server to join, use it to get together to play games. That would allow everyone to cut lose, without having anyone yelling at them for saying one bad word. You know, like we had back when EGC was managed by the community and people had lots of fun on the servers.
Old city lost, Old city reclaimed
Wolf:ET remastered, now that's a game i would preorder.
  • Designed and built for the PC
  • Dedicated server files free to download
  • Server owners decide how many player slots they want

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Re: EVGA Game Servers - Update 2019/11/09 06:29:34 (permalink)
Yeah, that's true, MSim, that would be better. It's pretty cheap to rent too.
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Re: EVGA Game Servers - Update 2019/11/14 20:00:53 (permalink)
What needs to be done to resurrect the servers and have some fun?  Seems we could get enough members to chip in  or dedicate some time if that has to be done,  I would .
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Re: EVGA Game Servers - Update 2019/11/15 16:52:53 (permalink)
Create a Discord server
Make a post in the Gaming and Gaming News section (not the dead EGC section) to see who's interested in getting together to play some new or older games.
Keep the rules on the discord server basic, don't go making it PG-13.
No Spamming
No annoying people in other channels
No Racism
If enough people join and use the discord, you can go nuts customizing it.

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