EVGA GTX 10 series availability

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2018/01/12 08:11:08 (permalink)
I know this is a stretch to ask since most "in the know" are sworn to secrecy, but does anyone have a clue when GPU stock will be back up? A GTX 1060 is the only thing that I need to complete my new rig and I cannot find a single one online. I know its because of those pesky miners but still... EVGA and every other GPU company should have seen this coming from a mile away. There was a shortage in the summer of last year and we're still in it? something isn't adding up here...

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    Re: EVGA GTX 10 series availability 2018/01/12 10:35:10 (permalink)
    There has been a lack of graphics card availability on the EVGA site since December. I was lucky enough to snag a GTX 1070 reference card from this site before they sold out of everything (as of 12 Jan 2018).
    Looks like EVGA has been giving their product site a new look -- cards are now separated by watercooled, SC, etc. Maybe a change in the near future?
    All e-tailer sites I checked have the prices jacked up way over the prices listed on EVGA. My advice would be to wait until product availability changes at EVGA. 

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    Re: EVGA GTX 10 series availability 2018/01/12 13:36:42 (permalink)
    I dunno if they should have seen it coming. There technically isn't a shortage. The cards are all out there but have just been snatched up by resellers who are gambling that a miner is willing to pay a lot more for a card than a gamer. One of my gamer friends works at Micron outside Washington DC and the way he explained it makes me feel we are SoL. Unless he's wrong it's not as simple as the AIB's ringing up Nvidia to place an order for chips to manufacture new product. In order for Nvidia to fill that request they can't just ask the chip manufacturer for a big batch of chips to be ready in two weeks. It's a production run that would have needed to be scheduled months in advance because it's not as if the plant has a dedicated line set up with Nvidia's tooling that sits idle until they place an order. Being THIS close to Volta/Ampere release it's not likely they have a run of Pascal chips on the books to meet the demands of gamers not wanting to pay double MSRP. As far as Nvidia is concered, they've sold their forcasted production for Pascal. I'd love it if he was incorrect

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    Re: EVGA GTX 10 series availability 2018/01/12 16:50:31 (permalink)
    Seems to actually be multiple factors.
     Nvidia seems to have had a very good holiday season, as the shortage didn't get noticeable 'till around New Years.
     I also suspect they are getting hit by the production changeover to the Volta consumer cards - TSMC mentioned that they anticipated that in "late 2017" in a guidance a few months back.
     Mining is definitely a factor - but normally affects AMD cards first and harder.
     THIS time around, NVidia was getting hammered at least a week BEFORE AMD cards started getting hammered.
     I DO NOT think it's just the miners - otherwise we'd be seeing a lot more shortages on the 1060 NOT just on the 1070 and up *AND* AMD cards would have been bad shortage BEFORE the middle of this week while NVidia bad shortages go back about 2 weeks now.

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