EVGA G2 850W - Difference in VGA-connectors from PSU?

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2020/10/29 06:06:54 (permalink)
Hi! I read the manual once more for the G2 and noticed that "VGA 1" and "VGA 2" connectors are specified to use the 8pin to 8pin PCIe power cables whereas "VGA 3" and "VGA 4" are specified to support the 8pin to 8+6 pin (two-connector) cables. Is the internal wiring different?
edit: removing my theory about coil whine due to this because it turned out to be wrong. Still interested in hearing if there is a physical difference in capacity between connectors, though!
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    Re: EVGA G2 850W - Difference in VGA-connectors from PSU? 2020/10/30 16:30:47 (permalink)
    G2 850W PSU manual pdf
    page 9 of PDF --- (or Page 7 of manual)
    Indicates placement as you have mentioned above .... I do not know if the wires are safe to use in the other sockets of the PSU
    I do not have the Pin-outs - it could be different for those positions of the PSU
    You might find a great review on the web with those details or .... you would have to test each pin to determine if they are the same ...
    or ask EVGA Customer service, if they have documentation

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