EVGA Classified SR-X - PCIe question

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2020/03/02 17:17:06 (permalink)
Hello everybody, 
My first post here. I'm a musician and have very little experience when it comes to computer hardware, so I'm way out of my comfort zone. Even registering an account around here was intimidating for me! Long story short, I bought this workstation computer from a company that is no longer in business. They used to put together pc computers at different price ranges for audio and video recording/editing applications. Mine came with the EVGA Classified Sr-x motherboard . Recently I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 (from 8.1) and also change/add a number of things.
My new graphic card is a GeForce rtx 2080 ti. It's pretty thick and covers PCIe 3 slots #1, 2 and 3. (I used to have the NVidia Quadro 2000 which is a tiny card in comparison). Slot #4 had a firewire card so I installed the 2 new Samsung 1TB 970 Pro NVMe m.2 internal SSDs in slots #5 and 6. Slot #7 was empty. 
When I used Samsung Magician software to do a performance benchmark, I noticed there was a big difference between the two. The one on Slot#5 performs twice better. The interface shows as PCIe Gen 3x4. The other one shows as PCIe Gen 2x4. I removed it and tried both slots #4 and 7. Regardless of what I did, the max bandwidth is half of the first drive on slot #5 and it keeps showing as PCIe 2x4. I even removed the firewire card, as I hardly ever use it. That didn't make a difference either. 
Is there something I'm doing wrong, or this is the limitation of this motherboard? 
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    Re: EVGA Classified SR-X - PCIe question 2020/03/03 11:15:43 (permalink)
    Probably several issues, hardware + software
    SRX Motherboards were not a hit, lot of problems.
    Drivers support is for win 7 not win 8-10
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    Re: EVGA Classified SR-X - PCIe question 2020/03/03 11:52:50 (permalink)
    Too bad. I really thought I'd be able to use the 2080 ti graphic with 2 nvme SSD at full speed and yes I use Windows 10. I couldn't even update/install the chipset C602 driver for windows 10. It gives an error. I'm only using 3 of the 7 PCIe slots. Could it also be that the graphic card uses a lot of the bandwidth? 
    Everybody tells me this graphic card in particular needs to be installed at the top slot which is what I've done.  All I have is another 2 Samsung 970 pro nvme drives. 
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    Re: EVGA Classified SR-X - PCIe question 2020/03/07 04:35:35 (permalink)
    Hopefully Windows 10 installed its own driver for the chipset. 

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