Hot!EVGA 850w sfx PSU fan and loud noise problem

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2022/07/17 11:51:33 (permalink)
I have the 850GM Gold SFX power supply. I'm not sure if it is just the PSU I got, but there would be this super loud "bbbzzzzzzzzzzz" sound whenever I'm doing something moderately graphic intensive. The fan also goes on and off about every 30 seconds or so and is very noticeable when it happens. Both of these issues have been really irritating. Is there not a way to control the fan and to lower the bbbzzzzing noise? I refuse to believe that this is normal for this product since I've always had good experience with EVGA products. I'm thinking maybe I just got a faulty unit. 
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    Re: EVGA 850w sfx PSU fan and loud noise problem 2022/07/17 12:27:58 (permalink)
    Yea with those symptoms sounds you have faulty unit. fan should not be cutting off every 30 sec underload. Buzing sound might be a faulty cap but hard to really say.

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    Re: EVGA 850w sfx PSU fan and loud noise problem 2022/08/12 23:38:52 (permalink)
    Probably need an RMA.
    Moving to Warranty section.

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    Re: EVGA 850w sfx PSU fan and loud noise problem 2022/08/13 00:25:49 (permalink)
    If you are the original purchaser of the item and it is under valid warranty go ahead and RMA as recommended by Xrayman above. 

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