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2018/07/12 00:58:14 (permalink)
Hello. So i had to raplace my cs750m PSU and i got my self a EVGA 650BQ.  but the problems start when i want to plug in my vga cables ant there are only 6+(6+2)=14pins but my sapphire r9 390 has 16 prots. so i was wondering if can take cable for my old corsair PSU and use it? or i need some special EVGA cable? i don't have much time to order new cables so i was wondering if i can just use the old cable they have 16pins.. i think if GPU has 16 then i have to fill all the lsots ?

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    Re: EVGA 650BQ 2018/07/12 03:03:09 (permalink)
    Maybe you can use the VGA cables from the CS750M on the 650BQ..The problem is that even though the cables look like they'll fit in the 650BQ, the pinout between the two PSUs may be different and have a catastrophic result when connected up and powered on.

    You can turn on the PSU without connecting it to anything using the optionally provided PSU Testing Tool or by using a paperclip or wire to ground the PS_ON terminal (16) to any COM (ground) on the 24-pin mobo connector..See How do I test my power supply? in the EVGA FAQs.

    You can plug in the VGA cables to the PSU and turn the thing on and check the pinout voltage/ground/sense terminals for proper polarity at the card end with a multimeter..The sense terminals are ground..The pinout for the card end is shown here..You can buy an el cheapo multimeter if needed for around $15.00 that will serve the purpose..That's the only sure-fire way to tell..That's what I would certainly do.

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    Re: EVGA 650BQ 2018/07/12 14:45:09 (permalink)
    Always use the provided cables with your power supply. Never use cables from a different model even if from the same manufacturer unless you have confirmed compatibility with said manufacturer. 
    Since the 650BQ has only a 8+6 cable and you require dual 8 you may need to look into possible adapters. Your these adapters may have been included with your graphics card.  
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