EVGA 151HE-E999 x99 motherboard question

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2023/05/26 07:21:31 (permalink)
Hello. I was wondering if someone might be able to give some help with a problem that I've started to have. I've been using this motherboard for 5 or so years now and it's worked perfectly. Recently though it will randomly lock up but keep outputting the windows graphics to the display like mouse movements, loading icons, etc. I just can't click anything and have to reset to get back to a working computer. I'm not sure what's causing this. I re-seated all of the ram, gpu, usb, power cables, front header, usb headers, etc.
HWInfo shows normal voltages 12.1, 3.3, 5.0 etc for all voltages.
Something that does seem odd is that the white reset light kind of pulses brighter ever 2 or 3 seconds. Like it's getting more voltage from the board for a brief minute or something.
There are no error codes so I'm not sure what it could be. I'm thinking either PSU or Motherboard on its way out.
Thank you for any help you can give.

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    Re: EVGA 151HE-E999 x99 motherboard question 2023/05/26 07:32:42 (permalink)
    EVGA X99 Classified (151-HE-E999) - Manual Part 1 Part 2 - BIOS Guide
    Any OC on CPU or RAM (XMP)
    CPU temps?
    What HD & PSU, GPU
    Change HD cable is an easy test
    Disconnecting all drives except BOOT drive is also an easy test
    Test with another mouse & KB ... it happens
    How is CPU cooled?  Any chance you bumped the cooler or over tightened the cooler screws?  If cooler is not level or is over tight then those tiny pins in the CPU socket might not all be on the CPU's contacts (just takes 1)  You might want to save removing cooler & reapplying TIM as a last step
    Are you using fixed settings or is BIOS is everything set to "Auto"?
    Turn OFF fast BOOT in BIOS
    Might need more voltage for the RAM - best to set it manually to the value on the RAM sticker
    Try shutdown ..... while holding the "shift key" first & until all power is off ..... clears the Windows startup file
    Then unplug the PSU & anything else that connect to wall plug.  Hold start button 30 seconds to discharge capacitors ... plug it in a fire it up
    Ever change the CMOS battery?
    Copy your current BIOS setting before you start - I use my cell phone

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    Re: EVGA 151HE-E999 x99 motherboard question 2023/05/26 08:36:57 (permalink)
    Hi cool. Thank you for the response.
    OS is Windows 10 64bit Professional
    CPU temps are 40C or so
    HDD is samsung 960 1tb and 2 WD black HDD in Raid 1 on the Intel storage controller as bulk storage (OS is on SSD)
    CPU has noctua cooler
    GPU is 1080x Nvidia from EVGA
    PSU is PCP&C 1200w silencer
    All settings are auto and memory is 4 x 8 Corsair dominator running XMP profiles.
    Nothing is overclocked or undervolted everything is just chilling on auto.
    All of the metrics in HWInfo are really good. SMART is all good. Voltages all stable (watching graphs for last hour or so) 12v,5v,3.3v, all good. Memory volts at 1.25. Fan speeds all 500 RPM or so. This thing is living the easy life lol.
    It seems like the reset button (white light) is also a HDD indicator so that's why it's flashing.
    I ordered another PSU to get here next week just in case. I think maybe I should start trying to swap out USB peripherals next. (New keyboard and mouse) and see what happens.
    I really appreciate the response. Makes me feel like I'm not out here alone trying to figure this out.

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    Re: EVGA 151HE-E999 x99 motherboard question 2023/05/26 15:16:04 (permalink)
    Update: well it ran all day without issue since this post.
    Only thing I did was reseat everything and moved a USB dongle from the front header to the direct inputs on the motherboard back plate.
    I left HWInfo up all day and showing all voltage graphs and they're all rock solid all day long.
    All temps/metrics good in min/max throughout the day too.
    This is really weird. Anyway, guess I'll keep poking at it next week.
    Thank you and have a nice Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who gave their all for our freedom :)
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