EVGA 1080 TI with DVI Dual link

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2018/11/09 06:26:36 (permalink)
Hi all,

I recently bought a 1080TI to use with my Benq XL2411Z monitor at 144 hz (I know I need to get a new monitor!), I currently achieve 144hz with a dual-link DVI cable to my GTX 970 which worked fine.

I thought I'd have no issue, as the 1080 TI appears to have the correct port available, and the DVI cable 'plugs in' correctly as though it should be working fine. Unfortunately, it never detects a signal no matter what I try and do.

I've read lots of conflicting forum posts about whether or not the 1080TI supports a DVI dual link, and like I said, the card does appear to have a correctly shaped port - but is it something to do with the transmission rather than the pins being a match 'shape' wise?

I've also read that most Display Port to DVI adaptors are for single link only (I presume this means I wouldn't get 144 hz with my Benq), and the dual link ones are unreliable and expensive. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas, before I give up and buy a new monitor.

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    Re: EVGA 1080 TI with DVI Dual link 2018/11/09 11:40:52 (permalink)
    Sounds like your card has a faulty output.

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