EU Support for EVGA - Extended Warranty

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2020/11/19 23:06:22 (permalink)
Anyone deal with EU Support these days? I sent a ticket 3 days ago and no reply so far. I have an issue trying to pay for extended warranty as PayPal payment isn't accepted by EVGA (and I use it daily with other shops). I asked for help but i'm in the void for now :/
Any direct contacts, or anything? Or are they so slow because of 30 series launch disaster?

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    Re: EU Support for EVGA - Extended Warranty 2020/11/20 16:59:14 (permalink)
    Not sure what type of CC you have tied to your PP account ....
    FOUND this information: https://eu.evga.com/legal/store/

    4. Payment and Address Verification

    EVGA does not accept the use of international- and prepaid credit cards linked to Paypal.
    EVGA recommends avoiding the use of prepaid credit cards and gift cards when placing an order at EVGA.com. It is possible that your order may be cancelled and refunded if it is not able to be verified by our order verification team.
    If your shipping address does not match your credit card or other billing address EVGA reserves the right to verify the order and EVGA’s standard shipping and order process times may not apply.

    5. Payment methods

    EVGA EU only accepts payments through PayPal.

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    Re: EU Support for EVGA - Extended Warranty 2020/11/20 19:40:22 (permalink)
    There are a couple of other threads on here about EVGA EU and PayPal, most have had to put a balance into their account in order to get the transaction to go through.


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