EPS connector question

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2021/01/04 21:33:24 (permalink)
So I bought an EVGA 220-G5-o650-X1 Super Nova 650 G5 PS.
I didn't think to check my new motherboard, it has an 8 pin EATX and a 4 pin EATX connector.
The power supply shipped with one connector.
I plan to do some "moderate" OC'ing.  And was wondering if I were to buy another EPS cable, could I theoretically plug that into one of the other connections on the back of the PSU?
I'm currently using the 8 pin, but I'd like to ensure the board has enough power.

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    Re: EPS connector question 2021/01/04 21:54:12 (permalink)
    You don't need the +4.  Pretend that it doesn't exist, and your life will be great.
    The +4 is for subzero LN2 cooling with quadruple the voltage limit on the CPU.
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    Re: EPS connector question 2021/01/04 21:54:42 (permalink)
    You could buy and adapter such as a SATA-to-P4 or a Molex/Perif-to-P4 if you have any of those connectors not in use..They can be found cheap just about anywhere PC parts/accessories are sold.

    The extra 4pin there is for overclocking stability..If you're not having any stability issues, don't worry about it.

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