Dynamic Clocks and Power Savings

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2020/10/26 15:16:33 (permalink)
*I hope this would be considered the proper forum for this discussion, but feel free to move if not.
Over the past couple of years I have always pushed my system for maximum clocks and performance, both from a CPU perspective, as well as the GPU perspective when gaming. The past few months I've been fooling around with the settings in Windows 10(X64) to let the OS dynamically control CPU clocks based on demand instead of a Bios OC that runs full time. My system runs 24/7, and the power savings I'm experiencing by doing this is nothing short of miraculous based on my recent electricity bills. I never realized how much power my system was using while being constantly OC'ed and cooled.
If you look at the attached screenshots, you'll see the voltages, clocks and temps that my system is managing at an ambient room temperature of around 72F. The amazing thing is that my browsing, viewing videos/movies and gaming have not seemed to have suffered as I have not noticed any buffering, drops in FPS or anything that one might associate with dynamic CPU and GPU control.
I know this is the OC'ing section, but I wanted to see how many of you utilize dynamic controls over your systems and the reasons for doing so??
My apologies for the low res of the attached images, but I'm not sure how to attach higher res versions.
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    Re: Dynamic Clocks and Power Savings 2020/10/26 21:50:34 (permalink)
    I can't quite see running my CPU at full blast all the time when not really needed, it increases voltage, power draw, temperature, and affects CPU lifespan.

    I always use Windows Power saver mode..I switch to High performance or Ultimate performance when benchmarking or if a certain performance mode offers anything beneficial to what I'm doing..My CPU will still bang right up to full overclock when needed in Power saver mode.

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    Re: Dynamic Clocks and Power Savings 2020/10/30 01:38:55 (permalink)
    As a MSP for several years I'd never recommend using the power saver mode. I've seen several systems get stuck in power save mode and you have to move mountains to fix it. Also as a side note I'd never recommend sleep mode as I've seen tons of data corruption.

    Also my system it overclocked over 5ghz on all cores and when Its idle it's not drawing much (my ups shows this). So I dont know how you are seeing such a power bill difference unless you were somehow had a memory leak or malware and your cpu was always under load.
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