Difference between F@H and Extreme Overclocking Project Rank

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2020/08/04 06:08:54 (permalink)
This is not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination, I am not involved in Folding in any competitive sense whatsoever, I just happened to check my scores today and noticed a difference in the Project Rank between the two sites and was curious if there was an explanation.
Both sites have me on identical points, however Folding shows my Project Rank as 10,083 overall and EOC shows me at 9,999.  Both sites show my rank within the EVGA folding team to be identical as well.  I had never noticed a Project Rank discrepancy prior to this and anytime I see discrepancy in numbers I seek answers.
Again, not a big deal, just my brain is wired for discrepancies amongst numbers and was curious if this was a known/common issue and what may be the root of the issue.
Thanks in advance and be well.



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    Re: Difference between F@H and Extreme Overclocking Project Rank 2020/08/04 16:37:53 (permalink)
    EOC uses your username combined with team to calculate project rank. So my username contributes to 2 different teams. I get a project rank for both from EOC but FAH just uses the username or passkey if provided.

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