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2019/01/12 02:01:41 (permalink)
I have a problem shows on startup msg says CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR press f1 to skip , press f12 to bios setup . But the keyboard not responding for any clicking . But the lights on razer keyboard working PLZ help

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    Re: CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR 2019/01/12 02:13:34 (permalink)
    I assume you have an X99 EVGA motherboard. To help you further we need to know exactly which X99 motherboard you have. Consult your X99 motherboard manual and reset the motherboard CMOS. For the X99 FTW motherboard for example the reset button is the red button at the upper top corner of the motherboard as shown in your manual.

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    Re: CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR 2019/01/12 02:34:09 (permalink)
    See How do I clear the CMOS on my motherboard? in the EVGA FAQs and use the second method to clear CMOS.
    Also see My computer is showing a checksum error, what is this error related to? for additional information.
    Hopefully something in those two FAQs will help..It may just simply be a weak CMOS battery.

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    Re: CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR 2019/01/12 11:36:30 (permalink)
    Do you have a Bios Switch on your Keyboard?
    If not use a Standard USB Keyboard
    If this is a New Install of your Motherboard this is Normal for the First Startup.
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    Re: CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR 2019/01/12 12:57:09 (permalink)
    Sounds like you need to use a different keyboard/usb port. Does this error occur all the time on a cold boot? If yes, you could have a dead cmos battery.

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