CLC 280 One fan not working

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2021/05/07 17:18:35 (permalink)
First off.  I cannot tech a tech support ticket because I keep getting a 'serial number not related to the part number' message (annoying).

So I have a CLC 280 that I won in the 2017 scavenger hunt.  Lately I had been wondering why my computer has been getting so damn hot.  Turns out one of the fans isn't working.  (it may spin for half a second then not at all)
What can I do about this?  Do you think its still the fan or is it the controller? 

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    Re: CLC 280 One fan not working 2021/05/08 06:37:35 (permalink)
    I had the same issue with my CLC 280 after three years...it was definitely the fan controller.  I did call tech support after trouble shooting a bit and was immediately given an RMA.  You might call and inquire, if the website is giving you the serial number error.  Did you upload the receipt when you registered?

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    Re: CLC 280 One fan not working 2021/05/08 10:48:22 (permalink)
    I highly recommend plugin in the fan to the cpu header anyway. Flow control is terrible and makes the cooler unbearably loud. 
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    Re: CLC 280 One fan not working 2021/05/08 18:19:54 (permalink)
    I find if I keep the water temp from getting so hot  the fans are not so loud.
    There seems to be some connection with CPU temp - time and water temp  :-}
    for me,  setting the fan curve to water temp mean I do not have to hear the fans changing speeds  all the time.
    I do have the manual speed set to max as that kicks the fans with max voltage at system start up to prevent a slow starting fan from not spinning due to age-dust or cat hair.
    Never check a fan with a new type LED flashlight ( they strobe ) then when you flick the fan to make it go you find out it was already going.

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    Re: CLC 280 One fan not working 2021/05/09 12:52:13 (permalink)
    As Bobmitch said, I'd suggest sending an email in to support@evga.com with your serial number from the side of the radiator so we can assist you with registration. If the fan still malfunctions when in a CPU fan header, we can send you a replacement fan. If not, the CLC would be out of warranty, as they are covered for 3 years from the date of purchase/date we shipped the unit in your case.
    Hope this was helpful!

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