CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations

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2020/10/01 01:28:08 (permalink)
Cyberpunk 2077 is due to release on November 19th, and CD Projekt Red is reportedly working overtime to prepare for the game's launch. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has reported that CD Projekt Red has entered into a time of "mandatory crunch", with 6-day working weeks. This crunch period breaks CD Projekt Red's prior commitments to a "non-obligatory crunch policy", a policy which made working nights and weekends optional. 

CD Projekt Red is currently busy eliminating bugs from Cyberpunk 2077's PC and console versions. With a game as larger as Cyberpunk 2077, eliminating these bugs takes a lot of time and effort. In response to this news, CD Projekt Red's Studio Head, Adam Badowski has released the following statement, saying that employees will be "well compensated for every hour they put in.
Polish labour laws are strict regarding overtime, which means that CD Projekt Red's staff are not expected to work overtime without additional pay. This is why Badowski is clear that his employees will be "well compensated for every extra hour they put in." Additionally, 10% of CD Projekt's annual profits are split directly amongst their team. Right now, CD Projekt Red's leadership sees the studio's crunch time as a necessity as Cyberpunk 2077 approaches its November 19th launch date. The studio doesn't want to delay Cyberpunk 2077 again; especially now that the game has been sent for certification by both Sony and Microsoft. 
I imagine a developer will get massive overtime pay if they should decide to work overtime. 

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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 04:38:58 (permalink)
    Damn, mid-November is going to be packed with launches, game and otherwise. Maybe the 3070ti or 3060 should launch around that time too.

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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 04:54:38 (permalink)
    So they dropped the "non-obligatory crunch policy" but they say it's OK for them to do that because they aren't breaking the law, just their own policy?

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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 05:43:07 (permalink)
    I'll just copy/paste what I wrote on another site....
    True, going back on their word stating they wouldn't do this makes them out to look like total D-bags ,....- but seriously, - the way the world has turned for the past 9 months or so , these workers are not exactly getting treated unfairly.
    It seems like they have had it pretty good this entire time.
    I think there's about 10 million people in the world right now who would love to be under this short bit of crunch requirement right now. ( Overtime pay & 10% of the company profit ) Wow , that's good stuff.


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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 06:17:41 (permalink)
    I did mandatory OT for 10 years (on-call for on-site service). It was rough at times, but right now I'm finding it difficult to complain about CDPR, assuming they're actually following Polish labor laws and compensating employees correctly.
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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 13:56:31 (permalink)
    It's definitely a mixed bag. Assuming they pay everyone for the OT it's a little better, but it's still concerning that it's happening to them in the first place. The fact that this is typical in the industry isn't a good excuse, but I can understand CDPR wouldn't want to delay it for a third time.
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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/01 15:22:13 (permalink)
    As a developer, sometimes you just have to do what you need to do to get it done. It does suck but if you love what you do  it doesn't feel like work. 
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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/02 04:43:44 (permalink)
    I feel "news" articles like this are a bit silly. Culturally, it's all about imposing your values on another place in the world and expecting them to conform to your ideals. These people work there because they want to. One would infer that these people are reasonably well educated and good at what they do or they wouldn't be in a position to "mandatory crunch" at CDPR. They're perfectly capable of employment elsewhere, even in a world of COVID19. Also seems like CDPR is adhering to employment laws. So the "news" here is not really news at all, it's clickbait.
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    Re: CD Projekt Red responds to "mandatory crunch" allegations 2020/10/04 08:22:26 (permalink)
    This is a "manufactured controversy".
    I encourage people to take a few moments to actually think about the things that they hear, rather than simply taking things at face value; to not simply assume that an assertion is prima facie valid, but instead subject it to logical scrutiny as per the scientific method.
    How about looking at this so-called "Crunch Time" crisis with a wide-angle perspective. Think about all of the jobs that exist right now. Think about all of the things that people do, inside and outside, all of the incomes they derive, all of the hours that are worked per day or per week. Never mind poorer countries--just limit yourself to the wealthier ones.
    Why are people who--let's be honest here--more or less do exactly what they choose to do for a living, who work in air-conditioned environments, who work sitting on their backsides, who perform no manual labor, and who can not complain about their paychecks in any sane universe....why are these people suddenly the object of such an outreach of compassion and consideration?
    Well, having spent many years studying leftism, I believe that it's probably not mere coincidence that we also started hearing that it's High Time That Video Game Professionals Are Unionized!
    This is how it works. If the leftist wants to effect an agenda, he first institutes a propaganda campaign, the purpose being to make people believe a certain "reality". If the reality is distressing enough, people will automatically feel that Something Needs To Be Done about it. And eventually, one need only step in and take care of the "problem".
    As most people rarely question the things they hear, propaganda is usually quite effective on the whole.
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