Hot!Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban

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2019/10/09 00:17:02 (permalink)
Blizzard employees protested the company's decision to ban Hearthstone player "Blitzchung" from an event for his opinions on the ongoing situation in Hong Kong SAR. Some employees covered up a portion of a floor decal in the company's office that read "Think Globally," and "Every Voice Matters," in protest. Blizzard's MMORPGs are "massively" popular in China, with Chinese Internet giant Tencent holding an equity stake. Some see the move to ban "Blitzchung" as the company "bending the knee" to China by taking a position on the situation in Hong Kong, instead of remaining neutral. The picture of a ruled piece of paper covering up the company floor decal with duct tape was tweeted by former Blizzard employee and eSports industry observer Kevin Hovdestad.
Personally I believe this to be a poor decision on the part of Blizzard. 

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 01:55:39 (permalink)
    Personally I believe this to be a poor decision on the part of Blizzard. 

    This may be an unpopular opinion here, but let's be clear the player violated the tournament rules to make political comments during a post-game interview. If he had made these comments on his own time I don't think any of this would have happened.
    Unfortunately nothing good will come of this, the player and Blizzard both are going to lose badly on this one. Probably one of the reasons the rule existed in the first place. 

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 06:28:25 (permalink)
    Why is a US company bowing to China censoring. Activision-Blizzard handled it poorly imo. They should of had a disclaimer like this one. The views and opinions expressed within this stream do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff and management of Activision-Blizzard.
    A year ban and taking away his prize money is too harsh of a punishment. Blitzchung wasn't calling for anyone's death or violence.

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 07:19:20 (permalink)
    Poorly thought out decisions on both sides of it........ 

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 08:07:55 (permalink)
    It was probably a losing battle anyway you look at it. Blizzard games are highly played in China but the country could ban them if they wanted. One head coach of the NBA made comments and all the sudden China won't air any NBA pre-season games. If the NBA isn't immune then you know Blizzard had no viable other option.

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 16:35:33 (permalink)
    The Day Blizzard Died she was singing by by this American Pie......

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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/09 17:45:36 (permalink)
    He was let go for polarizing and controversial opinion. I find it funny, because the people who did the ban essentially are in breach of the same thing by casting negative light on the brand.
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    Re: Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban 2019/10/28 17:51:51 (permalink)
    I'm not a fan of political activism in any of the arts or entertainment... but the fact of the matter is that we see it all the time in TV, Movies, Music, and even video games have political overtones (LGBT, war and human rights etc.). The fact of the matter is that games are late to the party, and it doesn't surprise me that those who are successful are using their success to promote their point of view. I can't say that I agree or disagree, only that I think that everyone has their right to disagree.
    Lets start burning books, video games, classic movies... hell lets never play "Baby It's Cold Outside..." by Dean Martin again because some political activists tell me it's the oppression of women. (WOW have we really gotten this out of hand... yes we have) To put this in perspective Der Frieschutz (German Classic Opera) insinuates hedonism, mating with the devil, and other topics and we still think of it as a "CLASSIC". We've reverted to lesser times in society all for the fear of offending 'someone', 'somewhere' out there.
    *Note: I wanted to post a picture of "HOGANS HEROES" the first and original double face palm, but I was afraid of the political and social overtones... how sad is that?!

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