Black screen and stuck sound playing

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2024/07/07 06:31:37 (permalink)
For months I've been playing for months, I get a black screen and sound like when it runs aground nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn, with an rx6700, and now with an rtx3060, the only thing left to do is hit the turn off or reset button... before ruling out other things, I ask, could it be the reason? psu?
Power card says minimum 650w and the 3060 600w
I have tried changing memories, hard drive, downloading drivers... tested temperatures
in doom eternal the rx6700 loads the game and when it goes to enter the menu... black screen
Not the 3060, but after a while it ends the same and happens in all the games after a while, black screen, stuck sound and with the rx6700 fans at full speed
could it be the psu? If it were the psu, it would have to be turned off, right? I don't know much but any power failure I would have to turn off completely... right?
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    Re: Black screen and stuck sound playing 2024/07/07 09:26:49 (permalink)
    Since the issue is happening with two different cards it’s definitely not the video cards. I would try a different psu due to the gpu fans maxing out at full speed when the issue occurs as that usually points to a power issue, or a video card problem.
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    Re: Black screen and stuck sound playing 2024/07/07 11:02:56 (permalink)
    hwmonitor gives playing the psu voltage
    It was minimum 12.2v maximum 12.4v
    the other voltages barely fluctuate

    Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C ? 
    I don't understand this very well, maximum 40ºc I can already assure that inside the PC there is more 40ºc, only the 3060 sets 85ºc and it is 4cm from the psu
    rx6700 gave Windows Hardware Errors (WHEA) error
    3060 events does not give any error at all

    The latest 3060 card since I added a direct fan, it doesn't cause problems, I have to say that this 3060 comes from mining, it even has thermal paste scattered.... the fan at full speed only on the rx6700, the computer only has 18 months
    sorry my english
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    Re: Black screen and stuck sound playing 2024/07/08 06:20:05 (permalink)
    The operating temps you see are for ambient air temps. The room the GPU is in can't go above 40C or below 0C.  This doesn't apply to the GPU's actual operating temps.

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