Bios Flash On Z370 Micro

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2019/11/30 14:41:22 (permalink)
So I recently purchased a z370 micro motherboard for my upcoming i7 9700kf system. I've read that while the board does support this cpu, it needs a bios update to do so. Since it is going to be another another month before I put together the system, and I'm fairly new and unfamiliar with this process, would I be able to flash the bios with the 9700kf in the socket, or would I have to borrow a friend's 8th gen cpu in order to install the updates. Thanks for any help in advance.  

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    Re: Bios Flash On Z370 Micro 2019/11/30 14:59:16 (permalink)
    Welcome to the EVGA Forums
    Depends on the Factory BIOS version already loaded on the MB
    https://www.evga.com/support/motherboard/  and select Z370 Micro
    That 9700KF CPU Requires BIOS version 1.11

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    Re: Bios Flash On Z370 Micro 2019/11/30 15:10:30 (permalink)
    Borrowing friends cpu would work.

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    Re: Bios Flash On Z370 Micro 2019/12/01 01:19:42 (permalink)
    From what I understand, if you bought the board in the EVGA Store, they flash the thing to the latest BIOS (v1.12 as of 4-12-2019) before they ship it out to you.

    If you bought it from a retailer such as Newegg or wherever, it may have an older/incompatible BIOS.

    The needed BIOS v1.11 is pretty new, so the chances of getting it through a retailer with an older BIOS is good.

    If you put it all together and it won't boot, that's probably why, and you'd need to get an older/compatible CPU somewhere and put in it and flash it, or take it to a PC repair shop and have them do it..Be sure to flash BIOS 1 and 2, that board has Dual BIOS.

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