Hot!Bets anyone?

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Re: Bets anyone? 2021/12/11 02:48:30 (permalink)
Evga has already said there are no plans for a ddr4 board.

It's probably for the best to not support DDR4 and instead have EVGA focus on more premium motherboards with high end features as it says a lot about the brand. Other brands with like five motherboards in a generation can have good models and not so good options.

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Re: Bets anyone? 2021/12/11 06:27:43 (permalink)
I don't think I have paid more than $300 for a motherboard, and don't think that will change any time soon. Those prices are insane.

Yeah, my current MB is the most expensive MB I've purchased....won't do it again.....

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Re: Bets anyone? 2021/12/11 19:57:50 (permalink)
Bestbuy cancelled my z690 board order on me which made me hum on some decisions. Was thinking of even getting a 5950X. I looked at the x570 price in USD and almost had an accident in my pants. Great looking board but priced right out of the market imo.

Prices of all motherboards have shot up substantially. You can still find some X570 motherboards for good prices. 

Best deal I have found for a quality Mobo is the Asus Z690 Apex ....but its still $850 CDN.....will be on the same level as any Evga KP Board......the Asus Z690 Extreme is $1350 CDN...insane really!
I would think if Evga wants to be competitive (not with the brand loyal people as they will purchase regardless), there Classys would be the same as Heros and KP's the same the same as Apex......
Nothing Evga pumps out will offer as much as an Extreme.....a lot of whistles n bells...full package (but a lot that isnt really necessary....even for OC'ing...thats the Apex).
All OC'ing records are with Apex Boards....also best boards for OC'ing Memory....not sure about previous Gen Evga though....havent had one of those since X58........
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Re: Bets anyone? 2021/12/13 17:43:40 (permalink)
Jacob said today z690 KP wont be out till Jan/Feb time frame 

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