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2018/06/12 19:37:44 (permalink)
After countless hours trying to fix POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE, I've been told that it could be anything, USB device failure, driver issue, Nvidia driver issues, defective MOBO, defective RAM etc. It seems the issue is simply that I had Eco mode on my EVGA SUPERNOVA 650/750w turned on. That's not to say that this is the cause for everyone with the same BSOD but for me. It seems like this was the cause.  
In depth explaination:
I just wanted to post a fix for my issue that I've been having with my PC since I built it back in 2016. I initially had an MSI Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard that gave me some issues and it was deemed defective by MSI. Within 2 months of building my PC I started to get BSOD POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE every morning when I booted my PC. It only occured once every morning, I could power the PC off during the day and come back and power it on without getting any blue screens. It only seem to happen when I booted in the morning(I guess that it's because it's in the morning that the PC had been off for the longest time, I don't know). After the BSOD reboot the computer would function normally, I could reboot it manually as many times as I wanted to. I could play games and other intensive tasks too. After about 8 months I had to upgrade the PSU as I added a second graphics card in SLI from a EVGA 650 SUPERNova 650w to a EVGA 750 SUPERNova 750w. But I had troubleshooted this issue with Microsoft, Nvidia, MSI, Intel, Corsair, countless fixes online and 3-5 different forums and threads. A lot of troubleshooting but no result.
Since I had so many different issues with my motherboard, forum replies suggested that maybe it was the motherboard that caused it. So I got an Asus Prime Z270A motherboard to replace it. A lot of previous issues were indeed fixed but I would still get these BSOD from time to time. There could be two weeks where the BSOD would come everyday and then for a month it wouldn't. Then it would come back for a month or two and then gone for a week. But about three months ago I rebuilt the PC into another case and I noticed that the Eco Mode was turned on. I checked on my old PSU as well and that one had the Eco mode on too. I remember being told by Microsoft that the BSOD could be occuring because Windows was trying to access some feature of the motherboard, a hardware like a USB device or external harddrive that for some reason it couldn't power it, activate it or have it respond. So to protect itself, Windows would BSOD and restart. So I flipped the switch off and now I've been without the issue since late February. I don't remember turning this mode on I run a rather large electricity bill and when I built the PC, I guess I saw the Eco Mode and thought it couldn't hurt and flipped it on.
I'm no expert at any capacity when it comes to computers but I guess that when I turn on the PC, Eco Mode is trying to save on power, which makes the PSU unable to power something(a chip, a USB device or something) which in turn causes the BSOD. I can honestly not tell you how many hours I've spent researching and troubleshooting, trying out fixes posted on forums and sites, researching BSOD codes etc. There's honestly nothing I've been doing differently this year to my PC other than turning the Eco Mode off. I do get periods where the BSOD wouldn't occur but the longest period would be a month maybe, now it's been almost 4 months and no issues. I would also get other codes like DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION and CITICAL_PROCESS_DIED but only a few times compared to the daily POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE.
Hopefully this wasn't too long but after all the hours I spent trying to fix this. If anyone else has the same issue, I hope this could spare them the countless hours I've wasted troubleshooting this.
I do not fault EVGA in any way for this. I was the one who had turned this mode on. I didn't even realize that I had done it until two years after the fact. I am very happy with my PSU, I did buy the same one with more wattage when I had to upgrade. Additionally there could've been something else that caused this, maybe a new driver that was updated or something fixed this that happened to occur around the same time as I flipped it off. Given the circumstances, the only conclusion I can draw is the Eco Mode.
Have a good one!

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    Re: BSOD "POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE" Fix(EVGA 650/750 SUPERNOVA G2) 2018/07/01 13:19:24 (permalink)
    Hi Tahbo,
    Thanks for documenting this for our community. As ECO mode should not cause BSOD's as you have discovered, I would register that unit and shoot us an email at support@evga.com so we can look into getting that unit replaced.
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