Audio issue with XR1 PRO / Is there not a way to set it as both Playback/Recording?

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2022/05/14 23:09:30 (permalink)
Recently decided to go from NDI two PC setup to capture card and picked up a XR1 PRO. Been trying to figure out a way to send my MIC audio to the stream PC as well as my ingame audio. 
I prefer a hardware setup and want to avoid softwares such as VM Banana. 
When I hook up my headset to the left AUX port my stream receive clear Mic audio and I get clear in game audio in my headset, but then no mic for discord. Why is there not a way to set "Playback" and "Recording" to the XR1 PRO so I could use it for a mic also? 
Closest thing I got to work was: Splitter at the speaker output (green 3.5mm) one side going to my headset and the other going to the left AUX port on the XR1. Then I Plugged in a USB to 3.5mm input/outputs, ran a 3.5mm from the output to the mic input on the stream PC. Turned on "Listen to" on my gaming rig to output to that input. 
At this point, Everything that was coming through my headset(Discord/Game sounds) and my mic was getting picked up on OBS (streaming PC). Issue I'm having with this setup when discord guys are talking its sending it via my MIC output and HDMI via capture card. Ever so slightly off but sounds like an echo. This common or is there an easy fix for this? 
I appreciate any and all help, before I lose all my hair. Haha. 
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    Re: Audio issue with XR1 PRO / Is there not a way to set it as both Playback/Recording? 2022/05/15 11:09:02 (permalink)
    Hello Tscupajoe, We have responded to your support ticket about this issue. Please feel free to respond to that and we would be happy to assist further!
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