Hot!Anyone else have a lot of fan noise on their 360?

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2020/01/25 13:44:42 (permalink)
I've been running this build a little over a month now and my 3 fans have steadily become noisier with time.  Now they make a most irritating noise when they spool up as opposed to just being on the loud side. 
Is anyone else seeing this behavior from their fans?  I suppose that since I have 3 of them I get more noise than someone who only has 2 fans.

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    Re: Anyone else have a lot of fan noise on their 360? 2020/01/26 19:55:31 (permalink)
    My 280 is noisy. Haven’t noticed it getting noisier though. Part of it is the high lowest speed. I moved control of them to a separate header on the motherboard. That cut most of the sound. Was going to replace them but looking at the specs the pressure they create is really high. Now I just run a push/pull system with some quiet fans pushing on the outside of the case and the EVGA fans running slowly as pull on the inside.
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