Anyone could find a real solution to the "nvlddmkm stopped responding" issue (4101)?

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2021/01/26 07:48:15 (permalink)
I see this issue around since YEARS with all kind of cards and brands, but nobody posted a real solution to this problem. EVENT ID: 4101

I'm not talking about the black screen where windows keep running fine (ppl keep listening their games running while the screen is black or with some artifacts and fans at 100%). Usually this kind of issue ends up with the red light of de4th.
I'm talking specifically about the black screen where windows and everything just freeze for some seconds.....black screen and then the driver just restore the video and windows looks like "hey, nothing happened here".
I'm going to format my pc, but after reading a lot of comments (even the ones from 2017)...I'm not even sure if this is going to solve the issue.
In case somebody is having the same issue with the same EVENT ID, just want to let you know that looks like after a clean W10 installation the error is gone.
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