AMD Eyes Mid-November CDNA Debut with Instinct MI100, "World's Fastest FP64 Accelerator"

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2020/11/04 02:39:43 (permalink)
AMD is eyeing a mid-November debut for its CDNA compute architecture with the Instinct MI100 compute accelerator card. CDNA is a fork of RDNA for headless GPU compute accelerators with large SIMD resources. An Aroged report pins the launch of the MI100 at November 16, 2020, according to leaked AMD documents it dug up. The Instinct MI100 will eye a slice of the same machine intelligence pie NVIDIA is seeking to dominate with its A100 Tensor Core compute accelerator.

It appears like the first MI100 cards will be built in the add-in-board form-factor with PCI-Express 4.0 x16 interfaces, although older reports do predict AMD creating a socketed variant of its Infinity Fabric interconnect for machines with larger numbers of these compute processors. In the leaked document, AMD claims that the Instinct MI100 is the "world's highest double-precision accelerator for machine learning, HPC, cloud compute, and rendering systems." This is an especially big claim given that the A100 Tensor Core features FP64 CUDA cores based on the "Ampere" architecture. Then again, given that AMD claims that the RDNA2 graphics architecture is clawing back at NVIDIA with performance at the high-end, the competitiveness of the Instinct MI100 against the A100 Tensor Core cannot be discounted.
Looks like AMD wants a bigger piece of the AI/data center profits. 

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    Re: AMD Eyes Mid-November CDNA Debut with Instinct MI100, "World's Fastest FP64 Accelerato 2020/11/04 05:43:55 (permalink)
    Isn't that an area where Nvidia has also invested heavily in too?
     They gotta go after every area if they want to continue to grow ... I guess

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    Re: AMD Eyes Mid-November CDNA Debut with Instinct MI100, "World's Fastest FP64 Accelerato 2020/11/05 06:45:32 (permalink)
    Amd absolutely wants datacenter ai share. All the proof you need is the xilinix acquisition.

    Their next datacenter ai card after this will be truly interesting.

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    Re: AMD Eyes Mid-November CDNA Debut with Instinct MI100, "World's Fastest FP64 Accelerato 2020/11/28 16:23:30 (permalink)
    AMD will dethrone INTEL.
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